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As low as ₹ 149.00 /mo On sale - Save 57% ₹ 349.00/mo when you renew*

  • 1 website
  • 30 GB storage
  • Ideal for up to 25K monthly visitors
  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • Free domain (₹ 849.00/yr value)
  • Free business email (₹ 348.00/yr value) - 1st year

site visitors

As low as ₹ 249.00 /mo On sale - Save 44% ₹ 449.00/mo when you renew*

  • 1 website
  • 75 GB storage
  • Ideal for up to 100K monthly visitors
  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • SEO optimizer
  • 1-click testing site
  • Free domain (₹ 849.00/yr value)
  • Free business email (₹ 348.00/yr value) - 1st year

online store

As low as ₹ 1,139.00 /mo On sale - Save 35% ₹ 1,779.00/mo when you renew*

  • 1 website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • SEO optimizer
  • 1-click testing site
  • Unlimited malware removal and hack repair
  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited products Appointment scheduling Real-time shipping rates
  • Free domain (₹ 849.00/yr value)
  • Free business email (₹ 348.00/yr value) - 1st year
  • Free access to top premium WooCommerce extensions
Resaller Hosting Features

Reseller Hosting provides a pool of resources, such as disk space, bandwidth, and server resources, which can be allocated and divided among multiple hosting accounts.

Multiple cPanel Accounts

You can create and manage multiple individual cPanel accounts for your clients, each with its own control panel for website management.

White Labeling

Many Resaller Hosting plans offer white labeling options, allowing you to brand the hosting service with your own company name, logo, and branding.

Customizable Packages

Tailor hosting packages to your clients' needs by creating different plans with varying resource allocations, features, and pricing.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Some Resaller Hosting plans include dedicated IP addresses for your clients' websites, enhancing security, SEO, and email deliverability.

One-Click Installers

Offer easy installation of popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, to your clients using one-click installers.

24/7 Support

Many Resaller Hosting plans include round-the-clock customer support for both you and your clients, ensuring technical issues are promptly addressed.

Resaller Hosting Benefits

Resaller Hosting offers a lucrative avenue for entrepreneurs to start their own web hosting

With minimal upfront costs, resellers can enter the hosting industry and begin offering services to clients,

Resaller Hosting often includes white labeling options, allowing resellers to brand

Resaller have the potential to generate substantial recurring revenue by offering hosting

Resaller Hosting plans provide a pool of resources that can be allocated and customized based

Resaller can create tailored hosting packages for clients, offering a range of plans with varyingc

Resaller control panels, such as WHM (Web Host Manager), simplify account creation, management

Many Resaller Hosting plans come with comprehensive technical support from the hosting provider,

For businesses offering related services, such as web design or development, adding Resaller Hosting

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Ready to embark on a journey of entrepreneurial triumph? Look no further! Our Reseller Hosting solutions are your ticket to becoming a web hosting mogul. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a creative agency, or an IT professional, our Reseller Hosting empowers you to elevate your brand and boost your profits like never before.

Why Opt for Our Reseller Hosting?

Profitable Venture: Step into the realm of web hosting reselling and watch your earnings soar. We provide the platform; you reap the rewards!

Customizable Resources: Tailor your hosting services to match your clients’ unique needs. Scale resources effortlessly, ensuring optimal performance for every website.

Endless Earning Potential: Open the floodgates to recurring revenue! Reseller Hosting lets you serve multiple clients, making your profit potential limitless.

Rock-Solid Reliability: Rest assured that your clients’ websites are in safe hands. Our robust infrastructure guarantees top-tier reliability and uninterrupted uptime.

Enhanced Security: Your clients’ security is our priority. Enjoy advanced security features that shield sensitive data and shield against cyber threats.

Global Reach, Local Impact: Break through geographical boundaries with lightning-fast global accessibility, all while contributing to eco-friendliness through our green data centers.

Branding Made Easy: Stamp your unique brand identity on your hosting services. With white labeling options, you control your hosting brand’s destiny.

Scale Up with Confidence: As your clientele expands, our scalable Reseller Hosting ensures you’re ready for growth, maintaining stellar performance.

24/7 Expert Support: Partner with us on your path to prosperity. Our dedicated support team stands by, 24/7, ensuring your reselling empire flourishes.

Eco-Conscious Hosting: Join us in championing sustainability! Our green hosting practices reduce your carbon footprint while making a positive impact.

But hold on, there’s more! We’re so confident you’ll love our Reseller Hosting that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Experience the benefits risk-free and witness the transformation. If you’re not entirely satisfied within the first 30 days, we’ll promptly refund your investment – no ifs, ands, or buts.

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